Success Stories

Hear from people who have taken the leap into being financially free.
"Wealth Without Wall Street gave me a complete understanding about becoming my own banker and how I can use interest from it to grow my passive income business. I got into land flipping shortly after setting up my policies and it really gave me the understanding to become financial free!"
Sid Christensen
"I'm not really a social media kind of person. Although I post things from time to time for family/friends - I've made it a point to not sit and scroll through what people are doing all day long. The point here being I like the notifications on topics I might be interested in"
Dawn Paresa
"What I love about the community is that I can invest wisely and put time in my pocket by polling experts in the field rather than digging through dozens of books or hundreds of articles on the internet."
Richard Phillips
"Wealth Without Wall Street helped me build a policy around tax burden. I wanted to be able to use that money long term as a savings vehicle and also to pay off debt. In the time we have had that policy we have: paid our taxes for the last 2 years and bought a new tractor for our farm. We now look at this policy as an opportunity fund.”
Jamey Reynolds
The Josh Vernon Group
"This has been a great process. I'm really looking at my finances and cash flow from a different perspective. I have taken what I learned from Wealth Without Wall Street and paid down a large chunk of my debt. I also have a plan to keep going to fully get out of debt and to increase my cash flow."
Brandon Wallace
"Talk about Wealth Without Wall Street, I feel like I have gained a wealth of knowledge by virtue of attending our bi-weekly meetings. My mindset on how I look at income has been reframed. They have allowed me to get organized and have changed my perspective on how I view finances."
Richard Miguel
"I really enjoy the almost weekly live training sessions with guests who are experts at what they do. They are able to tell the story and explain what goes on behind the curtain when it comes to running their own businesses, growing passive income, and how their whole life policies work to facilitate all of this."
Jay Elliiot
"There's no shortage of financial information out there to sort through. For me, it is all about trust and respect. The 20 year relationship I’ve had with Joey is the foundation of my trust and the results I have seen through their techniques have bolstered my respect for their approach to personal and business finance. I encourage all to open your minds to this content and dive in"
Garrick McCarty
"Wealth Without Wall Street completely flipped my mindset on money. It had always been a "cash in, cash out, pay off debt" mindset. I did not realize the opportunities I was missing out on by doing business the way they do it."
Diana Will
Jason Will Real Estate
"When you work for yourself oftentimes it is hard to not spend every single bit of money that comes in the door. WWW has helped us put these banks in place to keep us from doing that all the while, looking out for ourselves and our future while building wealth it at the same time.”
Genny Williams
Get a Real Estate Life

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