Breaking Out of the Active Income Equation with Roberto Chavez

What's this episode all about?

What would you do if you wanted to earn more money? If you are an active income earner, the only option is to work longer hours. And the cycle repeats itself. So how do you get out of the rat race? Imagine how it would feel to finally fire your boss and live life on your terms. That can happen once you find the path that’s right for you. Today’s guest knows what it's like to trade time for money. Now that he has built a passive income that exceeds his expenses, he is happy to share what he did. So tune in as Russ and Joey talk to Roberto Chavez, a member of their Passive Income Community. Roberto spent years in law school and more years working in a law firm until he discovered the land flipping opportunity, which became his path to financial freedom.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. First, invest in yourself and discover your path to financial freedom.
  2. Next, you have to take calculated risks.
  3. Finally, you need to surround yourself with people who understand and support you.


Roberto Chavez

Roberto Chavez is a retired lawyer and a full-time land investor who is a part of the Land Geek community and the Wealth Without Wall Street Club 200. He now enjoys financial and time freedom while continuously growing his land-flipping business.

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