Short-Term Rental MasterMind

A 6-month MasterMind with End-to-End instruction for setting up your 1st Short-Term Rental and all the systems needed to grow it to 30+ units.

Let's do This
Seats in the October 2021 Short-Term Rental Mastermind is Limited.

Build Passive Income

Are you ready to get your mailbox money lifestyle going?

Do you know that you want to get into real estate but you don’t know how or where?

Here’s what happens to a lot of listeners to our podcast. You build cash in your life insurance policies but never put it to work. The sheer number of opportunities overwhelm you and getting started seems too daunting.  

You have questions on how to start and want to be able to collaborate with others in the same position.

"This Short-Term MasterMind will destroy the obstacles standing in your way from success."

You want clarity on how to get started,
here’s your answer.


Weekly Execution
In Real-Time

Every week, you will be walked through what to focus on for that week and how to build off your experience for the next week


Learn from an Actual Operator that is walking in your shoes

You’ll work directly with our operator, Clint, who has built our personal Short Term Rental business from 0 units to over 20 units over the last year. You will get to learn from his actual experience to help you avoid making costly mistakes


Group Collaboration

Even though you will be building your own business you won’t have to do it alone. We have found in our success over the last 20 years in running multiple different businesses that having a peer group to bounce ideas off of and to see others achieve pushes us to new heights. You will be joined by 11 others in a small group environment to help each other win

Let's do this

Short-Term Rental MasterMind

Through this MasterMind you will pick up the tools to:

  • Learn who will be your customer and how to meet them
  • How to negotiate with landlords
  • The exact checklist of what we put in each unit
  • What you should pay for these items and a designer to lay it all out
  • How to analyze your market to determine viability
  • Who you need to hire and contract to make your unit function seamlessly
  • The spreadsheet we use to calculate what to charge to make our desired profit per bedroom
  • How to put your unit on sites like AirBnB, Booking, and VRBO
  • The softwares and services we subscribe to automate our reporting, check-in and monitoring of the unit
  • Additionally you will be given the opportunity to sit in on our weekly business meeting to see how an existing business functions and the weekly items we are tracking for profitability and what we are doing to scale our business.

Bonus Included!

Weekly insight to our Short-Term Rental Business by being able to sit in on our Actual Business Meeting virtually


Pay today to reserve your spot in the October MasterMind
three payments
One-time payment
Our promise to you is that if you do the work, show up for the meetings, and you dont get any closer to financial freedom than when you started we will refund 100% of your money back.
This MasterMind only has 12 seats

See what our clients are saying!

"The WWWS team has been very supportive and helpful. They have generously provided many resources that would have taken us months if not years to create ourselves. They have been very responsive to any questions we have and truly want to do anything they can to set us up for success.It is very insightful to get advice and wisdom from people that have experienced it all. We know there will still be bumps along the road as new STR managers, but we feel empowered, equipped and ready to face them head on. We are launching 4 STRs with the opportunity to add 4 more and know we wouldn't have been able to ramp up this quickly without their support and knowledge."

- Danielle and Daniel W

"The Short-Term Rental MasterMind was so worth the investment! Not only were we provided with clear steps on how to start and operate a STR, but the tools to make it happen. As someone who has never invested in real estate before, this made it so much easier to understand what we need to do, and as a numbers person, see the potential profit."

- Jennifer P.

"The Short-Term Rental MasterMind with Wealth Without Wall Street has been just that...a master mind who has thought and worked through the details, and anticipated questions and problems.  I especially appreciate their willingness to respond to problems as they come...the online forum for with tips and worksheets have been invaluable.  I attended a free Zoom call with other STR hosts with another organization, and was amazed as a newbie how much I knew and had in place, compared to the other hosts with much more experience.  
I recommend this class 100%!"

- Gabrielle C

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This Short Term MasterMind will destroy the obstacles standing in your way from success.

  • 6-month program geared towards growing your Short Term Rental Business
  • Three-payments of $2,500 or a one-time payment of $6,900

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