When Failure is Not an Option with Dave Wolcott

What's this episode all about?

When faced with a challenging situation, what would you do if failure was not an option? It takes courage to take major leaps in life, but not taking action can lead to failure. In this episode, Dave Wolcott shares how he pivoted when he woke up in an unexpected scenario, going from having one child to having four children overnight. Discover how he quickly decided to change his financial situation to support his growing family.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Holistic Wealth Strategy from Dave
  2. How to break free from the Wall Street mindset
  3. How to take positive action when faced with a difficult situation


Dave Wolcott

Dave Wolcott is a serial entrepreneur, former Marine Captain, and the author of Holistic Wealth Strategy: A Framework for Building Legacy Wealth and Unlimited Freedom to Live an Extraordinary Life. He is the host of “Wealth Strategy Secrets of The Ultra-Wealthy.” Dave is also an active and passive investor in over 3,200 doors, 400 self-storage units, 160 oil wells, and Merchant Cash Advance assets with a combined value of over $2.5 billion across the US. Connect with Dave Wolcott: Website - https://holisticwealthstrategy.com

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