What on Earth are Tax Liens? W/ Joanne Musa

What's this episode all about?

Today's podcast interview is all about understanding Tax Liens and we brought in the Tax Lien Lady, Joanne Musa. Tax liens are fairly straight forward, but they can get complex in a hurry. Tax liens at their core are the result of when people don't pay their property taxes and cash-strapped states will sell these taxes to investors, resulting in a lien against the property. Auctioning these liens can be lucrative and an effective way of working towards financial freedom.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. How tax liens work and how it varies by state.
  2. How you can bid down the tax liens to make more lucrative margins.
  3. How to pick the right states to bid on tax liens


Joanne Musa

The Tax Lien Lady, known online as America’s most trusted teacher and trainer on tax lien investing, helps investors who want to reap the rewards of from safe, profitable tax lien certificates and tax deeds. For the past 15 years Joanne has specialized in training people on how to build a profitable portfolio of tax lien certificates or tax deeds, so that they no longer need to take their chances in the stock market.

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