Using Real Estate to Make Your Finances Soar with Travis Wood

What's this episode all about?

Money is a powerful resource, but nothing is more universal than time. So, what if you have more money than time? You work diligently at your job and are paid well for it, but if you don’t possess the time to reap the benefits, what was the point? Today’s guest is Travis Wood, a full-time airline pilot who loves his job and is compensated well, but he found himself reaching the end of his job’s ladder and feeling stuck. He knew that there was more to life for him and his family, so instead of settling into an “Oh well” mentality, Travis leveraged his love of learning to enter the real estate game and begin his journey to financial freedom. For him, the secret to success is not a fancy degree or expensive real estate seminar. Instead, Travis thought of an old product in a new way, invests in his imagination, and reminds himself that not being in a rush is the key to financial freedom.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Imagination and dedication define your ability to be financially free, not background or education.
  2. How to avoid the proverb of “the borrower is slave to the lender.”
  3. Why you should take your time and enjoy the process.



Travis Wood is a full-time airline pilot from Louisville, KY, husband, and father to two young boys. He and his wife realized the power of passive income, so they leveraged their well-paying jobs to enter the real estate game and slowly earned the financial freedom to give their family the life they deserve.

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