The Profitable Niche of Land Flipping with Adam Southey and Justin Sliva

What's this episode all about?

Most people dream of having financial freedom, but get stuck working endless hours in a job until they’re 60! Ready to take control of your life and create a business that is not a job? Tune in to this episode. Today's guests, veteran real estate investors Adam Southey and Justin Sliva, share how they discovered the wildly profitable niche of land flipping as a way to create wealth and live life under their own terms.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. How to make money in real estate.
  2. The strategy and business model used by Adam and Justin.
  3. Discover the process to create financial freedom .


Adam and Justin

Adam Southey used to work as a train conductor. Justin Sliva spent years working as a full-time real estate agent. They joined forces to try out land investing. Today, they’re both living the life of their dreams. They share their experiences to teach others how to build massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche of land flipping through their podcast, Casual Fridays REI.

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