The Future of Real Estate Investing W/ Propelio's Daniel Moore​

What's this episode all about?

Daniel Moore of Propellio comes onto this week’s episode to discuss multiple valuable topics as he not only breaks down the future of real estate investing, the three fool-proof steps of investing in any cyclical financial market, but also his prioritization of mental, physical and spiritual health over financial success. With Covid-19, there’s a noticeable shift in the global market coming, Daniel’s anticipation is that the next 12-18 months will have a great housing market turn the other direction. The key to this uncertainty is the ability to perform in any market cycle. The largest shift of wealth comes in these uncertain times and those who know how to perform in a downward market have the most to gain in helping themselves and others. Daniel also preaches that real estate isn’t wealth. Through having his daughter, he realized there’s far more to life than what money can buy. Mental, physical, and spiritual health are extremely important and finances are just one piece of that.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. The current housing market is about to shift and those who are educated and prepared have the most to gain.
  2. How core business principles are the path to wealth.
  3. How mental, physical, and spiritual health weigh more than financial gains.


Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore never made it out of high-school and worked in construction for $9 an hour. He suddenly found his passion was in real-estate investing. At 21, he bought his first house project, leaving him with only $50 in his banking account. By the time he sold it, he cashed in a $96,000 check. He caught the bug and earned other high gains, but also hit deep lows due to the cyclical market. Stuck with a decision to make, he turned to educating himself and invested every penny he had into fully immersing himself into learning business principles, the path to wealth. Now, He’s the mastermind behind Propelio, a real estate investing software and education platform.

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