The Biggest Lessons Learned from Flipping Over 400 Houses with J Scott

What's this episode all about?

What are your biggest regrets in life? If you had to start over, would you do things differently? Today's guest, J Scott, talks about a costly lesson he learned from his house flipping days and perhaps the biggest regret, all while cashing in thousands of dollars flipping houses. J Scott is an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in multiple industries and host of The BiggerPockets Business Podcast. He is also the author of four investment books, where he shares a wealth of wisdom gained from over two decades of experience in different business ventures.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. The benefits of long-term investments vs. short-term ventures
  2. Three ways to make money in real estate
  3. It’s better to collect equity than to collect material items (that you probably won’t need in the future)


J Scott

J Scott is an entrepreneur with 25-years of experience in the consumer software, electronics, service, and real estate industries. He has worked as Director of Product for several Fortune 500 technology companies and is the founder, partner, and advisor in several organizations. In addition, J Scott is also a multifamily investor, angel investor, and author of four investment books.

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