The Accumulation Model vs. The Cash Flow Model with Randy Lawrence

What's this episode all about?

The accumulation method is a villain. It taught you to scrimp and save until you have a mountain of money, yet in the end, you still worry that it’s going to run out, creating a scarcity mindset. Is there a better way? Let’s hear from a former stockbroker - The Real Estate Preacher, Randy Lawrence. Today, he teaches us how to transition from accumulating wealth to getting more returns on real estate, finding a way to earn every month while growing your asset, and establishing a cash flow model. Learn the impact of having the financial disciplines like operating within a budget and starting a systematic approach to transforming your current economic model. “Discipline is what provides freedom.” ~ Randy Lawrence

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. How to be reasonably responsible with your income and expenses
  2. Understanding what’s the right asset class for you
  3. Beginning a systematic approach to transition at a time table that you’re comfortable with



Randy Lawrence is a veteran real estate investor having decades of experience with single and multi-family properties and a transformational community leader and church founder. Having started his career as a traditional wealth manager, Randy understands finance and investing strategies in the broadest sense. Ultimately Randy determined that real estate was the ideal investment vehicle for his portfolio. Over sixteen years ago, he began partnering with other investors, to their mutual benefit. Today, Randy oversees a real estate portfolio of close to $105M in multi-family assets and is on track to double these holdings in the next three years. - Resources: Prosperity Capital Partners: https://pcpre.net/ The Real Estate Preacher Podcast: https://therealestatepreacher.com/podcast/ - Connect with Randy: Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/TheRealEstatePreacher/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/randylawrence1/

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