Taking Ownership of the Deal Flow with Denis Shapiro

What's this episode all about?

How do you build passive income outside the traditional investment portfolio? Russ and Joey have always been passionate about different aspects of investing and diverse ways of building wealth. So they bring in Denis Shapiro to talk about alternative investments in today's episode. Denis began investing in real estate in 2012 when the market was just beginning to recover from the global financial crisis. He then built a cash-flowing portfolio that includes many alternative assets. Next, leveraging the lessons learned throughout his career, Denis launched SIH Capital Group, an alternative investment fund that provides accredited investors with a simplified strategy to invest for passive income.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. First, networking with the right people can significantly accelerate your success.
  2. Next, make sure your deals are well documented and the roles and responsibilities of each partner are clearly outlined.
  3. Finally, learn from your mistakes and take advantage of all the possibilities that alternative investments provide you.


Denis Shapiro

Denis Shapiro is the author of The Alternative Investment Almanac: Expert Insights on Building Personal Wealth in Non-Traditional Ways. He started investing in stocks and bonds 20 years ago, facing the frustrations of investing for income using traditional Wall Street methods throughout that time. In 2021, Denis decided to offer a better solution for investors looking for yields that were shielded from dramatic fluctuations. He realized that leveraging alternative investments with limited liquidity was the solution Wall Street couldn't provide. That idea led to the birth of SIH Capital Group. Connect with Denis Shapiro: Website - https://sihcapitalgroup.com/

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