Taking Action Through Passive Income Streams W/ Sid Christensen

What's this episode all about?

How could creating passive income streams make a difference in you and your families lives right now? As Wall Street’s volatility continues to shift day after day during Coronavirus, what can you be doing not only to generate more income for yourself, but also add more time to spend with your family? Our guest on today’s episode, Sid Christensen, explains how using Infinite Banking Concept to fund land deals and rental properties allowed him to change his family’s life for the better. He talks about how he found out about Wealth Without Wall Street and his initial skepticism towards IBC and real estate. However after taking the chance and diving into rental properties, he is now working to show others what financial freedom can look like for them. Sid also gives advice for those who are just getting started or thinking about getting started and the most important things they need to learn to minimize mistakes and maximize their success. If you’re wondering how transformative passive income, IBC, and financial freedom can be in your life, this is an episode that shows first hand how much it means to a listener. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. How having a positive attitude can actually increase your success and help you overcome roadblocks faster.
  2. How to stay consistent with land deals, especially when you are first starting out.
  3. Why IBC works so well with land deals, and how it can help you reach your financial freedom goals faster.


Sid Christensen

Sid’s career goal has always been simple… to make money. While working various full-time jobs, he started off on his financial freedom journey by learning from mistakes made in investing, experiencing the Dave Ramsey approach, and then finally in 2018, he tested the waters by creating his opportunity fund with whole life insurance. Soon after, the Financial Freedom Formula became clear to him and he chose a passive income path that worked best for his needs; land flipping. He quickly saw over $2,700 a month in passive income, all while working towards spending more time with his kids.

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