Round Table | Coaches Quarterly Passive Income Update

What's this episode all about?

Would you ever have a mentor who has yet to do or be where you want to be? Of course not! The easiest way to know that you're working with the right Financial Freedom Coach or mentor is when your goals and aspirations are aligned with theirs. When they can show you what they have accomplished using the systems and processes that they are teaching you, and they live the life you envisioned for yourself, you know you're in good hands. As you evolve and grow, you may also need to work with different mentors. So, where do you find these people who can lead you to the right path in 2023?

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. What they did in Q4 2022 that they will continue to do in 2023
  2. What is their overall financial freedom strategy?
  3. What is their market outlook, and what are they excited about as we start 2023?


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