Our Passive Income Report - September 2022

What's this episode all about?

The September Passive Income Report contains so many lessons. As always, you can find inspiration in the things Russ and Joey are doing, or you can explore your own ideas. What works for them may not exactly work for you, but there are people in the Wealth Without Wall Street Community who are always ready to provide support, and there are courses you can take to get started. For September, a large chunk of Russ and Joey's income came from their land and short-term rental businesses. Unfortunately, they had a temporary setback with their Ethereum Miners. Still, they were able to pivot quickly. Making adjustments is a necessary skill when it comes to engaging in multiple types of business. So let's dive in, see the numbers, hear the lessons, and get excited about Russ and Joey's plans for the future. September 2022 Income At-A-Glance: Gross Income for September: $131,899.04 Total Expenses for September: $66,643.95 Total Net Profit for September: $65,255.09 Difference b/t August & September: $29,472.93 % of net profit to overall gross revenue: 49%

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