Our Passive Income Report - April 2022

What's this episode all about?

Welcome to another episode where Russ and Joey share the behind-the-scenes in their monthly passive income report. When they say passive income, it means income from the businesses and investments they have engaged in a passive capacity, either hiring an operator or a partner to run the business. Before we proceed to the April report, some adjustments happened in April, so the worksheet is still being finalized. We see the land business and short-term rental consistently doing well for April. If you're interested in the cryptocurrency craze, there are some interesting tidbits in today’s conversation. So tune in to this episode. April 2022 Income At-A-Gross Income for April: $94,460.42 Total Expenses for April: $61,398.84 Total Net Profit for April: $33,061.58 Difference b/t March & April: $50,179.53 % of net profit to overall gross revenue: 34.1%

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