Hurricane-Proofing Your Business: House Flipping with Ricardo Rosales

What's this episode all about?

Everyone goes through challenges and makes mistakes in life. Learning from those lessons and pushing through makes all the difference in how your life will turn out. Listen to the interesting story of Ricardo Rosales, host of The Truth Behind Success Podcast and Real Estate Entrepreneurs Podcast, as he takes us through his entrepreneurial journey, stumbling through obstacles, losing millions in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, weeding through the chaos, and rising up from setbacks.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Flipping vs. Wholesaling
  2. The Four Steps to Financial Freedom
  3. Why you need to diversify your business



Ricardo was born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up in Venezuela. He has lived different lives starting from being an office boy in his father’s business to joining the US Navy then moving on to work in a job that allowed him to travel the world. While sitting on the couch one day, Ricardo watched a tv show called Flip This House which got him interested in real estate. After a few months, he bought his first investment property which led him to many more real estate ventures, experiencing the ups and downs, surviving through Hurricane Harvey, and becoming the accomplished person he is now. Ricardo aims to help many achieve their goals in life, be a part of their success while taking his own life to the next level.

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