How to Dominate Short-Term Rentals as a Passive Investor with Sief Khafagi

What's this episode all about?

Did you know that having short-term rentals in your portfolio can be a powerful wealth-building strategy? Even better, you can do it as a passive investor so you can spend more of your time with your family, hobbies, and adventures and live a wonderful life. Find out how in today's episode with Sief Khafagi, CEO and co-founder of Techvestor, which acquires and operates STRs (short-term rentals).

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Criteria for selecting properties and markets
  2. How important it is to hire exceptional people to help you grow your business
  3. The two biggest things that will detract from your yield


Sief Khafagi

Sief Khafagi is an ex techie turned real estate investor who has helped thousands diversify into real estate after spending nearly 5 years at Facebook where he built the 2nd largest engineering organization across the world. Today, he’s the founder of Techvestor, which helps accredited real estate investors and busy professionals passively invest in the emerging asset class of short term rentals (aka Airbnbs) with a focus on higher than average cash flows and lifestyle by design. Investors can invest as little as $25,000, get all the benefits like cash flow, tax benefits and more, without doing any of the work. But this isn’t your average real estate investment company. Techvestor built it’s own proprietary sourcing technology where they can underwrite over 100,000 properties a month and acquire the best ones for their investors. They're also advised and led by folks from place like AirDNA, Realtor.com, Apple, Facebook and D R Horton. Techvestor is fresh off a $37m first year of funding from investors and is actively raising capital for it's 2nd portfolio as they become one of the leaders in institutionalizing the asset class of short term rentals. You're invited to learn more at techvestor.com.

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