How to buy owner financed houses with 0% interest! W/ Chris Prefontaine

What's this episode all about?

Real Estate, as we have talked about many times on the show, is one of the pillars to creating passive income at your own pace. However, there are still external factors that can either generate risk or diminish your ability to maximize your income. So is there a niche in the market that can allow you to do something like purchase owner-financed houses with ZERO percent interest? Our guest on today’s show, telling you how you can do real estate on your own terms without being at the mercy of the ever-changing market, is the founder and CEO of Smart Real Estate Coach, Chris Prefontaine. Chris explains that doing real estate on your own terms involves buying and selling real estate that is either lease purchased or owner financing. He then goes on to show how these two types of properties can generate massive returns with a part time investment and mitigate a great deal of risk when purchasing these properties. This is an incredible episode from one of the best in the business and if you’ve ever wanted to learn a great, part-time method to investing in real estate, you need to listen to this episode!

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Why the niche of purchasing on terms can provide greater returns than other areas of real estate investing.
  2. Which of the two types of properties beginners should invest in and which generate more income.
  3. How to structure win-win deals for yourself and every homeowner you talk to.


Chris Prefontaine

Chris Prefontaine is the Founder and CEO of SmartRealEstateCoach.com and has been in real estate for almost 30 years. His experience ranges from constructing new homes in the ’90s and owning a Realty Executive Franchise to running his own investments (commercial & residential) and coaching clients throughout North America. Today, Chris runs his own buying and selling businesses with his family team, which purchases 2-5 properties monthly, so they’re in the trenches every single week. Having been through several real estate cycles, Chris understands the challenges of this business and helps students navigate the constantly changing real estate waters.

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