How to Build a Life Worth Chasing - With Chase Maher

What's this episode all about?

We are trained in American society to get into debt. How can you do the opposite of what the middle-class is trained to do and do what the wealthy know how to do? Even for those who choose to save up and then spend, there are very little ways to get out of the cycle. We should make our earnings go to work for us and if we’re going to spend anything, we’re going to spend what that produces. Chase Maher of The Life Worth Chasing Podcast, comes on our show to share his perspective of never fitting in. Chase is a real-estate investor who is simply thinking differently. His goal is to buy the assets that create the lifestyle, not have a corporate job that spends down for a lifestyle. He found ways to create the assets that built the life worth chasing.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Understand the difference between “Have. Do. Be” and “Be. Do. Have”.
  2. Learn what Location Independence means and how you can set out to achieve it.
  3. How to treat your personal life expenses as a profit and loss sheet seen in a business.


Chase Maher

From flipping cars to building wealth in Real Estate, Chase is well on his way to retiring by the age of 40.

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