How to build a brand and turn it into a following W/ Natalie Barbu

What's this episode all about?

Natalie Barbu brings us on the journey about how she quit corporate America and was able to create a business that equals her goals of working from home and financial independence. Starting out as a content creator, Natalie built her own profitable brand through social media and grew a highly-engaged following along the way. She then expanded her personal brand into a fully built-out branding agency that helps individuals and businesses build their own brand that connects with their following. Russ and Joey learn from Natalie about how a brand can leverage social media and Youtube and be able convert it into better SEO, better inbound marketing, and a better brand following.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Leveraging social media and Youtube's reach are a must when building up your brand's presence.
  2. How to center your personal brand about what actually interests you.
  3. If you're the face of the brand, how diversifying your income is key.


Natalie Barbu

Natalie has been a content creator for 9+ years and has worked with countless brands on influencer marketing campaigns, creative content, and brand strategy in her career. In 2019, Natalie decided to leave her corporate job and start Barbu Agency and started with one-on-one consultations with individuals who wanted to start or grow their personal brand/businesses through social media. Natalie recently expand her agency to work with brands on a more personal level- helping with PR, marketing strategy, and influencer marketing campaigns.

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