How I Bought My First Cabin in the Mountains Using IBC with Matthew Hammond

What's this episode all about?

Pandemic, one of the words that defined 2020 and has changed our lives in different ways. It has led to surprising discoveries and realizations for many of us, just like what happened with today's guest, an Inner Circle member, Matthew Hammond. Because his paycheck was made up of mostly sales commissions, he had to think of a backup plan when the pandemic hit. Matthew learned about IBC when a friend introduced him to the Wealth Without Wall Street podcast and asked him to read Becoming Your Own Banker. He then joined the community, watched IBC 101 videos with his wife, and listened to more podcast episodes until he heard Episode 138: How to create the value that you want to be paid for through short-term rental W/ Avery Carl. That episode sparked his interest in short-term rentals. Buckle up and listen to the rest of Matthew's story in today's episode.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Always invest in yourself
  2. Planning financial goals is better as a couple
  3. Being in the right community helps you grow



Matthew Hammond is a high-level executive with transactional experience across a broad range of sectors, including industrial manufacturing. He is a Wealth Without Wall Street Community member and is currently building his STR portfolio, starting off with a cabin in the mountains. With his positive outlook in life, support from his loving wife and 15-year old son, and guidance from the community, there's no doubt he will achieve financial freedom sooner than he imagined.

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