Growing Passive Income While Still Losing Money

What's this episode all about?

Wouldn't it be nice to have money coming in without you working endless hours to earn it? Many people dream of having that mailbox money lifestyle, but not everyone knows how to start. Some wonder if that's even possible. Others hesitate to invest for fear of losing their hard-earned money. But you can definitely grow your passive income while still losing money. The cash flow from passive income sources requires some work initially, but once established, it takes little to no time to maintain. Some common ways to earn passive income include investing and starting a business that can mostly run itself, or you can hire a team to run the company for you. In this episode, Russ and Joey share their passive income sources and lessons from investing in different investment opportunities. Tune in to know more about growing your own passive income. Top three things you will learn: Exploring new beginnings How to sell a business where everybody wins Investing with confidence August 2023 Income At-A-Glance: Gross Income for August: $90,412.22 Total Expenses for August: $31,046.51 Total Net Profit for August: $58,929.41 Difference b/t July & August: $9,455.28 % of net profit to overall gross revenue: 65%

Top 3 Things
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