From Self Storage to Self-Sustaining with Scott Krone

What's this episode all about?

In these times of market uncertainty and job layoffs, no wonder so many people are escaping the 9-5 and seeking financial freedom. Making that decision may be half the battle, but where do you go from there? Today’s guest is Scott Krone, the owner and founder of Coda Management Group. Coda is an international award-winning design and build firm that manages self-storage and other real estate assets, whose values range in the hundreds of millions. In this new episode, they discuss why you should look for problems to solve during a recession, how to keep your investors committed and happy in every deal, and the ways to leverage a variety of deals to create a life truly worth living.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. How to identify problems with a high ROI.
  2. The concrete steps to tackling an old problem in a new way.
  3. The key to creating sustainable passive income streams.



Scott Krone’s background lies in architecture and contracting, working on multiple million dollar deals in his early years. In 2012, Scott founded SSSK Capital Fund, a firm that managed real estate assets in the excess of $30 million. In 2018, Scott combined SSSK Capital Fund with his other company, Coda Design + Build, to create the current Coda Management Group. Coda is now a staple in self-storage asset management.

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