Finding Big Opportunity in Your Small Business with Garrick McCarty

What's this episode all about?

"Timing is everything." This quote really resonates with returning guest Garrick McCarty. Garrick first appeared on the show in November 2019 and he’s here today to give us an update on his journey to financial freedom. When Garrick started out he tried multiple paths to build passive income but did not know which one to focus on. He got distracted with every new idea until a mentor told him about the big opportunity he was missing out on. Once it was made clear to him, Garrick went all in and optimized his business operations. His story reminds us how important it is to know your Investor DNA before pursuing your path to financial freedom. This is an episode you definitely don't want to miss! --- Listen to Garrick's previous episode: Episode 110: Unlocking My Mind and My Home Equity w/ Garrick McCarty

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. How to fail forward
  2. Focusing your energy on the ONE BIG THING
  3. Things to consider when planning your business strategy



Garrick McCarty is a long-time listener of the podcast and a returning guest. He is also an IBC practitioner and a close friend of Russ and Joey. Garrick lives in Alabama with his beautiful family.

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Episode Specific Resources:

  • Book Recommendation: The E Myth: Why Most Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It by: Michael Gerber
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