Earn $800 A Month Per Bedroom on Short-Term Rentals with Jon Bell and Julian Sage

What's this episode all about?

Are you looking for ways to turn your extra space into an income stream? How do you manage a rental business? Should you take it on yourself or hire someone to oversee it for you? Hear the answers from short-term rental experts Jon Bell and Julian Sage, hosts of the Vacation Rental Machine Podcast. This amazing duo is on a mission to help Airbnb hosts to create systems to automate their Airbnb business, allowing them to have more time and better cash flow. Learn the short-term rental business’s dos and don'ts and achieve financial freedom even when you do not own any property.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Building a partnership model that works
  2. The benefits of establishing systems to manage short-term rentals
  3. How to handle the challenges of managing your rental business


Jon and Julian

Jon Bell is a short-term rental host who scaled up to 24 properties in 18 months, bringing in $45,000 a month without even owning any of the properties he’s renting out. He spends four hours a week on his business with only one part-time assistant while working a regular day job as an IT guy. Julian Sage is a military man turned Airbnb Superhost who now teaches “rentalpreneurs” how to overcome the challenges of starting an Airbnb business and scale their short term rental business through his podcast Short Term Rental Success Stories.

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