Creative Financing Options for Real Estate Investors W/ Pace Morby

What's this episode all about?

Very rarely do Russ and Joey come across something new in real estate strategy after interviewing over 150 podcast guests, but this episode with Pace Morby is packed to the brim of unique and creative financing options for real estate investors. This action-packed interview with Pace Morby offers brilliant educational insights on being able to place yourself inside previously unheard of real estate financing positions. Imagine being able to put $0 down and having a mortgage in your name, all while having a rental property generating over $1,000 a month. This scenario is out there and Pace is here to spread the word. This episode may very well change your entire way of thinking about how to get into the real estate investing market.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. What financing position in real estate is and how you can make it work for your investments.
  2. What to do when your transaction involves a party declaring bankruptcy or a property that has a lean on it.
  3. How practices like door knocking can greatly increase your revenue and Pace’s best techniques for getting started.


Pace Morby

Pace Morby was a General Contractor for 10 years, building hundreds of homes and renovating/remodeling thousands of projects. His biggest clients were OpenDoor, Colony, Invitation Homes. After years of watching other people invest in real estate, Pace decided to transition into wholesaling properties, assisted living, seller finance, and their own property flipping operation. Today, Pace has a team of 15 people, generates over 150K per month in wholesale fees, operates 7 Assisted Living facilities, and owns 15 Subject-To properties.

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