Building Generational Wealth Through IBC and Multi-Family Real Estate with Larry Murray

What's this episode all about?

Never give up. That has been the driving force for Larry Murray, founder of Ivory Wolf Properties, LLC which specializes in multi-family real estate investments. Before working with Joey Mure, Larry was like most people, working hard and saving every penny he could, but never really getting closer to his goal of financial freedom. He initially had hesitations about IBC because of its link to the insurance policy, until he met with Joey and heard what he had to say. And that became the genesis of his meteoric launch to success. In today’s episode, Larry will walk us through how he learned about IBC and how learning from the Wealth Without Wall Street community led him to become a successful real estate investor. His story is a testimony to the value of taking action and working with mentors to get you closer to financial freedom.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Education is one of the most powerful tools on your path to financial freedom
  2. How IBC can help you finance your investment and huge purchases
  3. How to set an excellent example for your kids and set them up for success



Larry Murray is the founder of Ivory Wolf Properties, LLC which specializes in multifamily real estate investments. He brings together teams of operators and investors to purchase a multifamily property, improve it and reposition it to generate long-term cash flow while providing quality affordable housing. Along with multifamily real estate investing, Larry is a decorated senior Captain with Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services in Maryland. He also has experience as a licensed home inspector in Maryland and several years of experience working with contractors doing construction from the ground up, specializing in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. He is a former Marine and former member of the Air National Guard. Larry is committed to helping other people. With this business, he works hard to help investors create passive income while at the same time providing quality affordable housing for residents in our properties.

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