Build Your Business on Amazon with Bry Shields

What's this episode all about?

Over the last couple of years, the e-commerce space has seen tremendous growth as more businesses shifted to setting up online stores. There are several platforms to choose from, but Amazon is probably the biggest. So what is it like working inside the Amazon space? What are the things you have to know to start your e-commerce business on Amazon? Today's guest can shed some light on your questions. Tune in to this episode as Russ and Joey interview a successful e-commerce business owner and member of the Wealth Without Wall Street Community, Bry Shields.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. What are the essential skills you need to build a business on Amazon?
  2. How to choose your niche and create products to sell
  3. What are the usual challenges, and how do you overcome them?


Bry Shields

Bry is the founder of TruVu Optics. He is an avid entrepreneur and has played golf most of his life, so he built his e-commerce business with golfers in mind.

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