Bonus Episode: Why Do We Celebrate Christmas

What's this episode all about?

This is an extraordinary Christmas episode as Russ and Joey bring their kids once more to the show. The younger kids, aged 6 through 10, share some fascinating history around Christmas, why we celebrate it and what is special about it. Get ready to hear awe-inspiring thoughts, some of which you may already know, but still refreshing to reminisce. Hear about The Upside-down Kingdom, where God came to serve, not to be served. Understand that “Emmanuel, God with us” - means the ultimate bad thing will never happen to you because of God’s amazing gift - Jesus. And that Saint Nicholas helps people because he believes in Jesus. Sit back and listen to the bright kids as they walk us through the following: - The Story of Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus and the three girls who needed his help - Why do we have Christmas trees and the significance of the tree -The ultimate reason why we celebrate Jesus on Christmas Thank you for sharing this incredible experience with us. We hope that you will be able to share the true meaning of Christmas with your families.

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