Are You Layoff Proof? with Emma Powell

What's this episode all about?

If there's one thing that employees fear, it's getting terminated or laid off, especially when they have a family to support, and their job is their primary source of income. If you are in the same position, how do you overcome the constant fear of avoiding the next round of job cuts? Living in fear of losing your job can be crippling, but preparation is the best way to beat the panic. Today's guest, Emma Powell, has an inspiring story that will nudge you to take action and make yourself layoff-proof. Whether you follow her path or find your own path, you will soon have the freedom to choose to work on the things you are passionate about and live a more fulfilling life.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Steps to becoming layoff-proof
  2. How to get the education you need to pursue your path to financial freedom
  3. Choosing the right team members to become successful


Emma Powell

Emma Powell is a seasoned commercial real estate investor specializing in multifamily properties. With a strong belief in the importance of knowledge and risk mitigation in investments, Emma has dedicated her time to mastering the art of passive real estate investing. Leveraging various financial tools, such as self-directed IRAs, 401(k)s, 1031 exchanges, dividend-paying whole life insurance, HELOCs, and discretionary income, Emma has successfully built a diverse portfolio while enjoying passive cash flow, tax advantages, and substantial returns. Connect with Emma Powell: Website - https://risecapitalinvestments.co/ and https://riseclubcapital.com/

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