$200,000/Month from A Parking Lot?? Story of The Deal with Brian Spear

What's this episode all about?

Do you think you can earn $200,000 a month from a parking lot? Gone are the days when a parking lot attendant collected a flat fee. Parking lots now offer a dynamic pricing model that allows owners and operators to adjust pricing by the minute based on demand, maximizing the asset's revenue. With recent advancements in technology, owners can now leverage sophisticated third-party operators who can institute a dynamic pricing model to maximize revenue at any time. This makes parking lots an excellent investment opportunity, and as Brian Spear, who has gained expertise in this space, explains, we can expect this niche to thrive for many years to come.

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. How to make money investing in parking lots
  2. How to find parking spaces and finance your purchase
  3. How to know if investing in parking lots is for you


Brian Spear

Brian Spear is the Chief Investment Officer and co-founder of Sunrise Capital Investors, a private real estate investment company. The company's objective is to provide an investment opportunity that achieves significantly higher returns than those offered in traditional saving accounts or CDs while operating with reduced risk compared to the stock market or other real estate investments.

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