11 Different Ways to Build Passive Income

What's this episode all about?

Building passive income streams is something that many people want to achieve. But first, let's be clear that passive income ideas require an upfront monetary investment or time investment. How do you start investing in something that will bring you consistent income without much effort on your part? In this episode, Russ and Joey talk about their 11 passive income streams, which brought them $523,201 net income for 2022. Listen up as they discuss the pros and cons of investing in each income stream and see if something would work for you. Focus on one thing at a time, then explore other opportunities as you grow your wealth. Here are the 11 Ways to Build Passive Income: Land Flipping Short-Term Rental Management Business Cryptocurrencies Syndications House Flipping Long Term Rentals RV Rental (Cousin Eddie) Information Business Ecommerce YouTube

Top 3 Things
You’ll Learn

  1. Different paths to financial freedom
  2. Why you need to invest in experts/ hire an operator
  3. The right time to create a course


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