How Podcasting Can Increase Your Reach: Build Business Connections & Become Established as an Industry Expert w/Matt Johnson

What This Episode Is About

Many business owners have the expertise and talent to make it big, but lack the reach and connections to do so.

How can a business owner get more online visibility and cut through the noise?

What is one of the most entertaining and attention-grabbing ways to deliver content?

How can you use podcasting to build a strong database of business connections?

On this episode, the founder of Pursuing Results, Matt Johnson, shares his journey with podcasting and how his life has changed since.

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • How to make yourself visible and build a reputation
  • The power of strategic introductions
  • Why you should clarify your motivation
  • How to make your podcast entertaining
  • How the “law of reciprocity” can help you make great connections



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