Why You Should Not Cancel Your Whole Life Policy

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What This Episode Is About

It’s not uncommon to be told we’re paying too much for life insurance.

Everyone wants to feel like they’re getting a bargain, so the temptation of paying less is quite high. Why is this a mistake?

What are the ways in which you can actually get a return on investment from your life insurance policy?

What are the top two reasons often given to you to cancel your policies? And why are they wrong?

In this episode, we talk about why whole life insurance is a means to the end, but not the end.


Mentioned In This Episode:

  • Why whole life insurance is worth the money
  • What makes the risk lower than other investment avenues
  • The value of a contract with a mutual insurance company
  • The tax benefits of whole life insurance
  • The importance of control and predictable expectations with your money



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