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What This Episode Is About

In Nelson Nash’s previous appearance on the podcast, he talked about the genesis of his Infinite Banking Concept.

In this episode, Nelson is expanding on the concept of family banking. We’ve talked about this particular topic on the podcast before and we’re excited Nelson is here to break down exactly how family banking is helping Nelson create generational wealth for his loved ones.

We’re incredibly thankful Nelson was willing to openly talk about the successes and challenges that come with a way of thinking that Nelson says will help you see through the nonsense of what most people teach when it comes to personal finances.

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • How Nelson got the idea for what eventually became the Infinite Banking Concept
  • Why Nelson leases cars and airplanes from his children
  • How wealth is just goods and services
  • How envy is a common theme among people who feel there must be a loser in a business transaction
  • The difference between “real money” and “funny money”
  • Various examples of how Nelson is creating generational wealth for his by using the Nelson family bank
  • A practical look at how Nelson buys whole life insurance policies on all his family members; including great-grandchildren
  • The importance of learning how to recognize nonsense and think differently


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