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The results of this show:

This show truly is the culmination of all three of your hosts’ personal stories, wisdom, and experience in the discovery of building Wealth Without Wall Street.


Are you ready to meet your hosts and primary financial educators, Russ Morgan CFP®, Joey Muré, and Will DeShazo?


Today’s episode of the Wealth Without Wall Street podcast will provide you with the reason why we are teaching you what nobody is teaching you.


You will discover why Russ Morgan wears his CFP® credential as a “badge of dishonor”; which parallels directly with his admitting that traditional financial planning has indeed failed.


The truth of the matter is:

There’s so much knowledge that we don’t realize we don’t know and what I’ve learned in the years it took to get that designation is everything everybody already does know. And it’s not much. I’ve seen it fail. In 2008 what I thought was true turned out to be untrue.


On the Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast we teach you the uncommon advice.


You will also understand more of the stories that led your hosts to starting the show.


Russ Morgan:

For Russ, taking the traditional financial planning path transformed his brain into the reality that there truly is a better way. After 2008, with many accreditations under his belt, he realized there was absolutely nothing that could be done to prevent what happened on Wall Street. From that point forward, he scoured the country to find a better way.

Once he did, he shared it with his client base. The results? Let’s just say … it works. He has had nearly a 97% client retention ratio sense enacting it.


Joey Mure:

Meanwhile, Joey Muré (a client of Russ’ at the time), was managing a team of over 20 mortgage loan officers at one of America’s largest banks. He was doing everything he thought was correct but still wasn’t getting ahead; until Russ presented him with a better way to build wealth without Wall Street. After 4-years of successfully following Russ’ financial coaching strategy, he quit is high six-figure job to join Russ in teaching others how to enact these strategies.


Will Deshazo:

As a 26-year old millennial, Will has seen several booms and two very large busts. He watched his parents get let go from their work and felt the effects of seeing his peer’s college “savings” plans vanish before their eyes; leaving them up to their ears in college debt, only to enter one of the lowest hiring job markets in our country’s history.

It was obvious to Will from the get-go that traditional financial planning was broken. That is why he sought out a better way. When doing so, he found Russ Morgan and, similarly to Joey, enacted the plan but also began teaching his peers the same strategies.



Is this show for you?

If following the herd in all aspects of life (including money) is your style, this show is not for you.


On the contrary, if you believe:

  • The risks of Wall Street are completely out of your control
  • Your financial house cannot be built on Wall Street
  • People do not think on their own enough
  • The definition of a “financial genius” is actually only a rising market
  • Traditional wisdom does not get you ahead
  • The wealthiest people are not following “common advice” and strategies
  • There is a better way to simplify financial wisdom


… you are going to want to subscribe to this podcast.


The Wealth Without Wall Street podcast is a weekly show featuring your 3 hosts, Russ Morgan (the Idea Guy), Joey Muré (the Italian Stallion), and Will DeShazo (the Millennovator) who occasionally host professional guests as well.


If you are ready for a new way of financial coaching, this is it. Subscribe to the show today to receive what it takes to “break free from the rat race.”


  1. Beau Cannington on 09/21/2017 at 10:50 PM

    Great 1st episode. Keep it going gentlemen!

    • Jonathan Murner on 10/16/2017 at 8:00 PM

      Thanks for listening Beau! Many more episodes to come.

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