The Importance of Coaching and Overcoming Our Limiting Factors with Kitty Barrow

What This Episode Is About

Throughout our business growth, it’s important to evaluate when, and where, changes are needed.

Regardless of your current level, everyone can benefit from coaching or mentoring to help you see the places where you can improve– especially when you may be blind to some of the problems!

What are some of the common challenges faced by businesses trying to grow? What are the limiting factors that may be holding you back? How can you shift to working “on” your business, rather than “in” it?

On this episode, we are joined by leadership coach Kitty Barrow to tackle some of the adjustments business owners must make in order to grow.

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • How to increase sales & cash flow without it being based solely on you
  • Why having a coach or mentor so crucial
  • The importance of time management for a business owner
  • How to break out of the trap of doing everything yourself
  • Why investing in yourself is the best way to spend money
  • How to identify and address limiting beliefs


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