How to Reposition Your Tax Deferred Assets in a Rising Tax Environment w/David McKnight

What This Episode Is About

There’s a freight train of tax bearing down on your 401k, and a limited amount of time in which you can act to avoid your assets getting hit.

What strategies can you use to take your assets off the train track?

How can you take advantage of the tax rates right now?

What are the biggest mistakes people are making?

On this episode,David McKnight, author of The Power of Zero, talks about why right now is the best time to act when it comes to bracing ourselves for the increase in taxes.


Mentioned In This Episode:

  • The factors that will cause a rise in taxes
  • Why 401k accounts are in danger of getting hit
  • What options you can take advantage of right now
  • Why we’ll have 8 years to get our assets off the train tracks
  • A general strategy you can employ between now and 2026
  • Why your taxable bucket should have 6 months worth of basic living expenses



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