How to Create Business Opportunities & Generational Wealth Through Infinite Banking w/Dr. Jim Smith

What This Episode Is About

When our guest read Becoming Your Own Banker and realized all the principal and interest going to other entities, he was shocked— and it led him to make changes.

What are some of the things he’s been able to do in his business and for his children and grandchildren? How does Infinite Banking allow us to create a bank within our own families and do away with the silo structure of most traditional finance setups? How can this give us peace of mind?

On this episode, Dr. Jim Smith shares on the benefits of switching to IBC, how it has empowered his family, and how he started the process of creating generational wealth.



Mentioned In This Episode:

  • Why the 401k gave Wall Street a boost
  • How the traditional banking and finance model makes money flow away from us
  • Why you get more financial control through IBC
  • The benefits of lending money internally
  • How life insurance allows us to build a legacy for our children and grandchildren



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