How to Benefit from Paying Taxes!

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What This Episode Is About

It’s not exactly a stretch to say business owners dread writing that check to the IRS come tax season. It’s always a little painful and sometimes a little infuriating. However, as you know, we like to challenge the norm around here. So, today, we’re going to challenge you to stop thinking about the negatives of taxes and, instead, start thinking about how you can make your taxes work for you.

We do want to clarify that nothing in this episode should be misconstrued as tax advice. We’re also not going to talk about how you can save on your taxes. What we’re talking about is using the money you’re going to pay in taxes in a way that it actually benefits you all year long.

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • How a technical issue prevented us from being able to release our interview with Jim Oliver
  • The Infinite Banking Concept tax strategy article that inspired our interview and today’s episode
  • How we can use our taxes to improve how finances
  • Using your taxes and future windfalls together to maximize your financial gains


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