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Growing Your Business by Expanding Your Mind

Is there a skill you know you need to work on, but you don’t have the necessary time to improve or you are constantly distracted? 


Well, Russ’ daughter had the same issue, until she listened to some advice from her dad.  Alexandria swims.  She needed to improve on her diving from the block.  From her dad’s advice, he told her to close her eyes and don’t focus on anything else besides the horn and to jump as far as she could.  Well, she listened and her dive from the block was much improved from the simple advice her dad gave her.  When her eyes were open, she was distracted on other things in her surroundings.  She remained focused on her goal, and she improved within a few minutes. 


What if you were focused as a business owner throughout your day?  What if you spent a few minutes a day focusing on what your business truly needed to grow?  Well, first you need to expand your mind and knowledge.


What does expanding your mind truly mean?  This question is open to some interpretation.  There are many ways to expand your knowledge, mindfulness, and consciousness.  Here are some easy ways to help you expand your mind:


  • Practice being mindful to yourself and to others
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Read books, articles, blogs—something new each and every single day
  • Write 100 words per day—writing can help improve your memory and critical thinking skills
  • Learn a new skill each month
  • Meet new people and connect
  • Be busy and productive throughout your day


A great resource to help you learn how to expand your mindset by thinking about expansion is the book, The 10x Mind Expander, by Dan Sullivan.  The main takeaways from this book are the following:


  • If you are dissatisfied with where you are at, envision where you will be in a couple of years.
  • The enemy of great is good; we are satisfied at a certain level. Think about what else you can achieve.
  • You should always be thinking 10x. Think much bigger than yourself.  What about your team growth?
  • It is easier to think 10x than 2x. It is not about doing twice as much work.  Focus on what are the most important aspects are in your business and grow and capitalize on those functions.  



Do you not know where to begin?  Here are three easy steps to get you started:


  1. Think about your thinking.
  2. What is your unique ability? How are you utilizing it?
  3. What are your team members’ unique ability? Are they in the right job?


After going through a review process, you always need to think about what the next step of the expansion is going to look like.  This helps to improve yourself, others around you, and your community.


What can you start doing that will increase the revenue of your business, but not have to work more hours?  A great article from, 4 Ways You Can Make More Money While Working Less, provides you four simple steps to help you get started.  The article suggests that you need to have a great mentor that can lead you to the next step; have specific goals in mind of where you would like to be in the next couple of years; practice daily self-improvement; and focus only on the aspects of your business that provide the highest income potential.


Here at Wealth Without Wall Street, we believe that we have a unique solution for all of your business needs.  Want to learn more about what we can offer you and your business?  You can schedule a Financial Strategy Call on our website.


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