The Government is Keeping you from being Wealthy! with Dr. Paul Cleveland

Dr. Paul Cleveland Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast

What This Episode Is About

Dr. Paul Cleveland is an Economics professor and international speaker who’s here to really unpack the problems that are keeping people from financial freedom; including how the government is involved.

Paul has been using the Infinite Banking Concept since the mid-90’s and is one of Nelson Nash’s original clients. One of the great things about Paul is that he doesn’t just throw out technical terms that go over your head. He provides real-world examples of the problems, and solutions, we’re experiencing in the face of the Wall Street mindset and a government who wants to maintain control.

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • What Paul believes are the biggest challenges that prevent people from achieving their financial goals
  • How the federal government began monopolizing money and banking in 1913
  • How inflation is the government’s way of legally stealing from us
  • Why political solutions are not the answer to your specific financial problems
  • How meeting Nelson Nash changed the way Paul saw his personal finances
  • Why taxable investments aren’t the smartest options
  • How a silver dollar is the perfect example of the changes in our economy since paper money was implemented
  • Various ways Paul’s been able to utilize the money he’s saved using the Infinite Banking Concept
  • Paul’s advice for people who want to break free from the government headwind and gain financial freedom


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