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The Five Pillars of Wealth Without Wall Street

Before we share with you anything specific about the five pillars we pursue to building wealth, we need to agree on one thing.

In order to pursue any one of the five pillars below you have to be in control. You need be in control of your finances. You are the best person to dictate the direction of your finances. For yourself. For your family. For your business. The way to best be in control is to be actively learning and gaining understanding. The Wall Street mindset tells you to do the opposite and to give up control of your dollars and trust them to the professionals to do the learning.

If you have had the thought “I am out of control” or if you have ever been unsettled by the feeling that what you are currently doing isn’t actually getting you ahead, you may be in a good place. If you are somewhere on the journey of taking back control of your finances and have begun learning and gaining understanding, you are in a good place. This means you are already resisting the Wall Street mindset.

Here’s the big idea: Increased learning and increased control leads to less risk and increases your opportunity for growing wealth.

The five pillars of building Wealth Without Wall Street are consecutive steps that will help you take control of your dollars, employ them to do multiple jobs at one time, and grow wealth that will give you freedom to live without the stress of losing it all, purse the things you are most passionate about, and impact the people and places with the unique value you bring to the world.


Here are the five pillars


Cash Flow

Most people would think this has to do with budgeting. This is true, but this pillar only begins with budgeting. We’re talking about the things that hinder you from increasing your cash flows. Taxes and debts are the two key obstacles standing in your way. If you can lessen or leverage these things to help you keep more of the money you make you will be successful. The current personal savings rate in the US is about 6.7%1. If you can increase your cash flow by thinking smarter about taxes and debt and discipline yourself to not spend this difference you can have more left to beat the current savings rate without breaking a sweat.


Life Insurance

We love life insurance as a tool to grow wealth. We need better places to keep cash liquid and grow it long term. Specifically designed whole life insurance is the best tool to accomplish this. In fact, life insurance is the foundational tool we use to keep cash available, grow it long term, and insure we are protected along the way. The Infinite Banking Concept is the strategy you need to know to position yourself for maximum control and opportunity. We believe that opportunities find cash and using infinite banking cash value policies is the best way to grow wealth.

This foundational pillar is the first place you should put your dollars before you make major purchases and finance the things you own, invest in growing yourself and your business, or invest in other income streams. Having safe cash and cash reserves is pivotal in helping you grow wealth.



Once you have a safe place to store your cash, you need to know where to put it to work. Investing in yourself and the businesses you operate and control is the safest and most profitable place. The more you can develop yourself and your ability to operate your business, systematize your business’ cash flows, recruit and retain top employees, and build strategic teams to scale your business the more wealthy you will become. If you own and operate your own business you have the ability to invest a dollar and turn it into four dollars. Before you invest in things you don’t own and control you need to exhaust the opportunity in your greatest resource for growing wealth.


Real Estate

After you have maximized your ability to grow your best asset, yourself and your businesses, you need to look for assets that allow you to invest in other assets. Real estate is one of the most common and best investments that gives you a collateralized asset and the leverage to invest in other things. Purchasing real estate for cash flow and not the appreciation factor is the best way to reduce risk and create passive income. There are plenty of ways to invest in real estate and education is the key to determine which method and strategy is best for you.



The most successful financial institutions make their living through lending i.e. banks. You may be in lending relationships right now you don’t realize. Here’s an example:

If you are investing dollars in a tax qualified plan, maybe a 401k, you are in a lending relationship. You have loaned the government your cash today for the promise of its return tomorrow. What you do not know is what the taxes will be, the timeframe you can take the cash out without penalty, and what rate it will have hopefully grown.

If you think like a banker and put yourself in a position of cash, you will find opportunities all over the place to become a lender. You can lend yourself cash for your business purchases, business partners for joint ventures, family members for major purchases, and many other unique opportunities that will come to you when you put yourself in the position of a lender. Do you think the banks object when people come to them with problems to solve and need cash to achieve a solution? There is great opportunity when you have the cash and control the terms of the loan.


These five pillars are the foundation and pathway for building wealth. In order to begin implementing these pillars into your life, family, and business, it requires a mindset of abundance. The Wall Street mindset pushes you towards the opposite of an abundant mindset that keeps you thinking scarcely about living debt free and maximizing your rate of return on 6% of all your dollars. While these ideas are not actually wrong, a scarce mindset keeps you from thinking bigger and more abundantly. Systematically implementing these five pillars resists the scarce mindset and trains you to look for opportunity to grow wealth in a way that gives you control, reduces your risk, and provides for you the freedom you desire.


If you are interested in learning more go to, download the Wealth Without Wall Street app, and gain access to multiple resources around each of these five pillars and join an abundant community who are implementing these concepts themselves.




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