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When Can I Quit My Job? w/ Noah Boren

What This Episode Is About

We’ve all had a time in our lives where we haven’t enjoyed working at our job. For some, it may be behind us, and we now find ourselves in a career we enjoy. For others, it might be a daily struggle just to get out bed in the morning.

So should we consider quitting our job to pursue passive income? If we wanted to look into that, where should we start? Most importantly, WHEN should we look to quit our job?

On this week’s episode of Wealth Without Wall Street, Noah Boren discusses his experience quitting his job as a postal worker to replace his income and find financial independence.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • When the optimal time is to leave a job we hate and how we can replace that income with different strategies.
  • Where to begin when considering investments that allow us to quit our jobs.
  • How land-flipping and IBC can form a perfect dual investment option that compliment each other automatically.
  • Why we should live by the philosophy of Ready, Fire, Aim.


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