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Traylor Lovvorn On Emotional Resilience, Overcoming Addiction & Healing From Within

What This Episode Is About

Achieving success involves so many aspects that go beyond money.

It’s also about relationships, mental health and identity.

If we don’t get this right, it can submarine our finances and create total havoc in our lives.

Many people today are struggling with these other aspects, dealing with addictions, hidden shame and inadequacy.

Why are so many men and women struggling with pornography addiction?

How do we address our emotions and deal with them at the root?

On this special Podcast Movement episode, we talk to the Executive Director of Undone Redone, Traylor Lovvorn, who shares on his life journey of overcoming addiction, learning, growing and healing through a lot of pain.


Mentioned In This Episode:

  • How pornography is a big challenge for many people 
  • The importance of focusing on the present 
  • Why pain isn’t something we should avoid


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