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How to Become A W2 Entrepreneur w/ Nichole Stohler

What This Episode Is About

How do individuals like you and me get ahead financially? How do we build passive income that works for us in more ways than a traditional 401k or W2? Should we even care about a “Plan B” if we love our current job?

On this week’s episode of The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast, Nichole Stohler explains how she and her husband built a real estate investment business as a “Plan B” for their income. Nichole has been in technology sales for 22 years and loves how fast-paced, dynamic, and diverse the industry can be. However, despite the love for her job, she believes we all need a way to create more financial security.

Her “Plan B” included building an 8-figure real estate portfolio of rental properties and commercial property investments including multi-family, single-family, and hotel properties. She shows that her properties currently generate four times the annual return of her company’s 401K during the same time-frame. She has dubbed herself a W2 entrepreneur and discusses how anyone can find financial security.


Mentioned in this episode:

  • How to create your financial “Plan B” and earn income that works for you.
  • Where to begin researching different forms of passive income, particularly real estate investments.
  • Why we need a “Plan B” for our finances, even if our current job is enjoyable and pays well.


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