How Does Tax Reform Affect Me? with Clay Hagler, CPA

Clay Hagler Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast
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What This Episode Is About

In this week’s episode, we’re fortunate to have CPA extraordinaire, Clay Hagler, on the show to help us make a little more sense of the recent tax reform; which is the largest one in decades. There’s a lot of confusing on it at the moment and Clay explains what deductions are staying and going, the changes to the tax rates and brackets, the worst asset you can own at the time of your death, and much more!

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • The common questions Clay’s been receiving since the new tax reform
  • Changes in the tax rates and brackets
  • Changes to itemized deductions
  • Clarification on whether meals and entertainment are still deductible
  • The tax benefits of utilizing whole term life insurance policies over traditional qualified savings plans
  • The new deduction that might help Pass-Through business entities; such as Solo Proprietor and LLC
  • Clay’s biggest piece of advice regarding the new tax reform


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