5-Steps to Becoming Your Own Banker

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What does BECOMING YOUR OWN BANKER even mean?


Why would anyone need to be their own banker?


The terms “infinite banking concept” and “becoming your own banker” are passed around often as it relates to financial planning. At its core, Infinite Banking revolves around properly structured whole life insurance policies and utilizing the cash inside of these policies to create additional income. Everyone in our office follows this strategy and have been lead to an enhanced savings plan with much greater control of wealth.


To learn from the founder of this concept get a copy of his book here: BUY NOW


Joey left a $300k+ job to teach this concept to others all across the country.  This is HUGE!

So many people ask how to get started with this process.

Here are 5 ways to become your own banker and get started.


  1. Make an appointment 

Find a coach:  call us!  Set 15 minute call here:  https://calendly.com/joeyruss/15-minute-intro-call

Or go to the practitioner finder here: www.infinitebanking.org/finder/

  1. Assess opportunities for cash flow
  2. Purchase a properly designed whole life policy
  3. Implement plan to take over the banking role
  4. Meet with coach regularly to enhance plan


Generational show coming soon!!!


The end result of implementing this strategy will be:

  1. Taking back control of your money
  2. Creating a Better place to save money
  3. Implement a Process vs buying a product
  4. Greater peace of mind




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