A Road Map to a Richer Legacy

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Often times we’re told, “you’re not a billionaire…why would you worry about building a legacy”?


It’s not just about the money left behind.


Legacies can be left on all levels and can be extremely simple (i.e. Brandon’s socks in today’s episode).


As entrepreneurs, we want to be remembered, honored and respected. We have a burning desire to make an impact and have significance during our short time here.


We also long for this impact to last long after we’re gone.


Unfortunately, Wall Street encourages us otherwise.


The Wall Street Mindset continues to evoke fear, lack of understanding, the difficulty of changing thinking and even shun family dynamics to prevent you from leaving behind what you, your family and your business deserve.


It’s difficult. Even teaching the receiving generations how to manage what they’re inheriting is a chore.


And the questions….


“Is a legacy even possible? Will there be anything left over?”


“Will my kids know what to do when I’m gone?”




We understand the great costs of raising a family and the great joy of looking to the future in the form of a legacy we could leave.


We also know what it’s like to be so busy that we don’t feel like we can implement a plan.


We have the same thoughts and fears as you.


However, for the last decade we have been implementing and following a particular concept that naturally leaves behind the powerful legacy you as an entrepreneur want.


We’re walking you through the four steps it takes to create a similar legacy road map in today’s show and the first is imagination.

By creating and following this legacy roadmap you will find yourself with a greater peace of mind, a superior sense of direction and a dose of empowerment to make a real difference in your family for generations to come.




To begin:

Start creating your roadmap by setting your 15-minute Vision Meeting under Resources below. During this meeting, Russ, Joey or one of our trusted strategic wealth coaches will walk you through your Legacy Roadmap and help you avoid the pitfalls that come along the way.


Or, if you would rather walk through the Legacy Roadmap on your own, simply email info@wealthwithoutwallstreet.com and we’ll send it your way. No strings attached. Just add “Legacy Roadmap” in the subject line.




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