Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Game in Real Life

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Do you agree that sometimes the simplest way to learn things is to simplify them as best possible and begin understanding there?


In 2016, we discovered a game that changed (really more confirmed) our perspective of financial coaching. It’s called The Cash Flow Game and it was created by real estate tycoon, Robert Kiyosaki.


The goal of the game is simple: to get out of the rat race.


Kiyosaki’s formula for financial freedom runs parallel to ours in that in order to achieve financial freedom you must first create passive income. Once your monthly passive income is greater than your monthly expenses you have reached true financial freedom.


To get out of the rat race you must make wise decisions as it relates to your investing choices into “opportunities” that present themselves. The key is investing in opportunities that create cash flow.


For instance, this is an example of an opportunity card:


What would you do? Buy? Or pass?


How is this any different than the environment our market is in today? Is it extremely high, or low? How should that influence your involvement in the market?


Also, throughout the game “life” hits you in the form of additional expenses (kids, medical bills, taxes, vacations, divorce, etc.).


The game will teach you:

  • The correct way to calculate real ROI
  • When to invest vs. pay off a debt
  • The difference between a good investment and a bad investment


We’re playing The Cash Flow Game LIVE on today’s show.


Truly, there is no simpler way to understand the roadmap to financial freedom than what is found inside of The Cash Flow Game.


I have had friends over on a Saturday night who have had way too much fun playing and learning from this game. Russ and Joey even purchased Cash Flow for Kids and play it regularly as a family with their wives and four children.


You can purchase the game on Amazon here.

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